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Schedule of charges referred to in the T&Cs

All charges exclude prevailing rate of VAT currently at 20%

Payment Charges

Non Direct Debit charge; £10.95/£15.00 plus VAT per month depending on your package
Credit card standing orders: £3.00
Paper Billing Surcharge: £2.00
Non-payment charge: £9.99
Charge for restricted outbound calls due to non-payment; £6.84
Charge for reinstating services suspended to non-payment: £20.00
Charge to reinstate lines ceased due to non-payment: £48.00

Installation & Cancellation Charges

New line installation charge: £50.00
Cancellation/Disconnection fee when terminated within minimum contract length:
£299 per fixed or mobile telephone line
£149.99 per broadband connection
Change of Premises charge: £50.00

Other Charges

Business Assurance/Support: £1.99 per month per line
Non-NGN surcharge: £3.00
(Charged monthly to broadband customers where their telephone line is incompatible with, or is not in area supported by, our next generation network)

Salvation Telecom are regulated by Ofcom.

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